Chatham, Kent ME5

About Project

While some projects require a zero-to-perfection kind of approach, there are others where we need to work around the pre-existing décor and pull it together in a way that not only works practically, but looks really good as well. This private decking project in Kent is one of those cases.

It’s a fact that wood terraces look lovely, however, wood is a rather fickle material if you are not willing to invest a lot of time in its upkeep and it needs impregnating, re-dying and takes to rotting. That’s why we use composite which is designed to withstand harsh conditions and to remain looking fresh even after it’s been used daily for years.

In this project, we replaced an old wood terrace with a new one. A very dark and rich chocolate hue was selected for the planks that complements the surround bricks really well and ties the finished product together, making it look very classy and elegant. While the planks have the gorgeous look and feel of wood, they are much more reliable and practical.

We always install a sturdy metal frame to support our decks so that we can be sure they are ready for daily, heavy use and that they will remain just as trustworthy as they were on day one. Now as you can see from the pictures, this terrace has the planks going in two different directions which helped create an interesting and modern look.

While the style may be the first thing you notice, the practical aspects of such structures are even more important. This deck will brave harsh weather conditions without any trouble, and it will not become slippery after a rainfall, which makes it not only a lovely, but also a safe space to enjoy without an increased possibility of any risky falls.

  • LocationChatham ME5, Kent
  • SpecsBoards laid in few directions for better layout
  • Basesteel frame base