Walthamstow, London E18

About Project

When you take a look at this finished domestic decking project in Walthamstow, it’s clear that the garden is now simply the perfect space to spend your evenings and weekends in, enjoying the lovely space that it has become – and the best part is, it will stay that way for a very long time without any laborious upkeep.

As you can see in the before pictures, there were some unsightly concrete blocks that had to go away to make the yard look inviting and fun. That was not a problem at all – in the following photo you can see how the metal frame that supports the deck was placed on the sturdy foundation and how it just became a solid base for further work.

However, there were concrete blocks next to the stairs leading down, and that needed some taking care of, too. We chose to decorate them with matching planks so that instead of being an obstruction they would become a lovely addition to the terrace.

The colour selected for this project was a subtle charcoal shade that complements its surrounding really well and adds a nice Scandinavian style touch which really pulls this whole outlay together.

While this terrace, situated at the very end of the garden, has some really lovely overhead lighting, it was opted to install some in-deck light bulbs to help the whole space maintain its cosiness at any given time of the day.

As you can see in the pictures, there is a line of LED bulbs going at one side of the deck right next to the furniture as well as a second line of lights oriented to the garden which helps showcase the lovely steel orb and, of course, prevents any stubbed toes from missing a step. This non-slippery, harsh weather resistant terrace will remain a real centrepiece in this lovely yard.

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