About Project

This domestic project was one of those where we really worked with our client to simply transform their back garden. After the work has been finished, it turned into a space that is absolutely lovely, and is the perfect spot to relax with friends and family, have a BBQ and really just enjoy yourself.

The whole area takes up about 50 square meters, and the work that we did includes the decking, the log cabin, the artificial grass and wall gale from wood plaits. Before we had started our work, the garden was pretty much empty save from some grass, so the finished look is really no less than a total makeover.

As per usual, we used metal frame to support the deck so that it’s sturdy and reliable for many years to come. The colour that our client opted for was a lovely chocolate brown that brings a lot of warmth and works nicely with the surrounding fence, as well as the light and bright log cabin at the back of the garden.

At the side of the yard you can see some space left for the flower beds to bring a little bit of nature without any need of hours of gardening work. Right next to it, you can spot the LED bulbs that were installed into the deck that help create a relaxing atmosphere in the evening without a simple click of a light switch.

The main benefit of this decking construction is the fact that there is no need to maintain it with painting or impregnating, since the material in itself is very sturdy and will not succumb to rot nor will it crack even after a frequent use. It also remains non-slippery after a rain, so it’s just as practical as it is good-looking.

  • Locationnear Queens Elizabeth Olympic park, London E1
  • Specssteel frame, LED lights, flower beds, bbq area
  • Basesteel frame