Commercial Composite decking and railing project in Wadhurst,TN5

About Project

Now since this was a commercial project for a prestigious client, we really set the bar high for ourselves, but we are proud to say that it worked out just as well as we’d hoped it would.

We found ourselves with a building located in a place that enjoys a particularly gorgeous scenery – so we definitely had to have that in mind when working, and we worked with it to build the whole structure in a way that complements the nature while allowing to enjoy it, rather than obstructs the view or gets in the way at all.

That is precisely why we opted to connect the composite posts in the railing with stainless steel wire – it allows for a classy look that’s not too out there and lets you enjoy the surroundings, as well as is very sturdy and works well even in a harsher environment.

The colour that was selected for the terrace is a soft, ashy, and light brown that works perfectly with the environment around it, allowing the bright colours of the surrounding plants to attract the most attention and providing a nice backdrop.

This project required two sets of stairs that you can see in the pictures, and it was secured on a metal frame. The whole construction was lifted up from the ground and set at 1.5 meters, and its outside parts are where you can see an example of cladding with composite materials. The entire area was pretty big, covering 80 square meters.

Since composite is very sturdy, it will work very well here, as it does not need any upkeep to remain looking fresh and elegant, nor is it prone to be affected by the weather, or heavy
& frequent use. Come rain or shine, this lovely terrace will continue looking just as good as it does in the pictures on day one!

  • LocationWadhurst, TN5. Sussex
  • SpecsSteel Frame Used, stainless wire for handrail,bespoke stairs.
  • BaseGalvanised steel frame