If there is one thing that you cannot deny is that adding wood elements into constructions ensures a beautiful exterior that looks warm and inviting even if you cannot enjoy sunny and dry weather conditions all year long. However, you may think that it will not be as trustworthy as, say, bricks – but we can assure you that the building techniques, as well as the materials, have gone a long way, and as long as you select the most modern choice, you will remain absolutely satisfied.

For the cladding, we use the same material as we do when we build decks – reliable and long-lasting composite planks. That means that everything we build will boast an astounding longevity no matter how harsh the weather conditions it will be facing may be, and it will be looking just as good as it did on day one even after it has been installed for a good while.

Using the best quality materials currently available on the market, we can ensure that all our constructions will remain rot-free and will not start cracking or otherwise showing any signs of wear. The best part is that we can guarantee that without any work on your part – these are built in a way that does not require any impregnation and colouring. We install it, you enjoy it – that’s really all there is to it.

Depending on your individual needs, we will be able to customize your project in many ways. One of them is fixing the planks either vertically or horizontally, another is giving you a six-colour palette to pick your best option from, and in addition to that, we will work closely with you to realise your vision and to make sure that your cladding will look in line with the other work you have done in or around your garden.

One of the benefits of cladding is the fact that you can insulate your house, thus making it warmer and potentially reducing your heating costs. However, it will also make your home look neater and even more beautiful, as the finished product looks modern and it can be adopted to different parts of the building according to your preference.

If you want to add a sleek yet inviting addition to your design, cladding is the right choice. The main attraction point of choosing to clad your house is the fact that it is both a practical decision and a clever design approach. One of the many useful functions that it performs is shielding the building from effects of weather and shedding water, making sure that the inside of your house remains warm and cosy.

It is a fact that adding cladding to your house will be a solid choice both aesthetically and practically; however, we also offer to add it to the walls of your yard or garden, which can absolutely transform the way that the space looks. While concrete or metal may offer durability, our materials and our expertise can also offer that durability with the bonus of an enviable style.

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