When you are on your way to creating a perfect garden, there are many things that matter – mainly, making this space an inviting and welcoming one where you’ll be happy to spend your free time relaxing and entertaining your friends. Installing a lovely deck will help you set a solid foundation for that, because we’re going to make sure you’re completely happy with your newly finished project.

Wood structures can become slippery after a rain, and it’s especially troubling if you have little ones running around or if you’re worried about your elderly family members taking a risky fall. However, with our decks you will not be having this problem at all, because they remain completely non-slippery even after a heavy rainfall.

You won’t be needing to invest your time and labour to keep your deck looking just as good as it did on day one, because it won’t need any impregnating or painting – it will continue looking fresh and new without any upkeep. There is no need to worry about your terrace starting to rot or to crack, because its excellent physical characteristics ensure longevity.

This is how we make sure that your deck is a thing of quality: first, we use zincified metal to make the frame that will support your terrace. In comparison with a wood frame, zincified metal frame will guarantee a long-lasting and especially sturdy construction, that will become a top-choice investment and will provide you with a structure that can withstand heavy continuous use without any effort on your part.

If your deck is going to be installed over soil, we will dig out holes that will then be filled with cement and will have a metal rods fixed into them, on which we will secure the frame. That makes sure that the entire structure is very stable and doesn’t bounce even with a lot of people on it. 

When the terrace is being installed on a balcony, on a roof, or over a patio, we then use plastic pedestals that make sure your deck can be raised up as high as you need it to be and will provide you with a sturdy structure that will remain trustworthy for many years to come.

In order to ensure that your deck looks simply gorgeous, we make individual orders for the planks which can be as long as six meters. In many cases, that will help avoid any plank connections and will result in a neater finish that will look classy and well-made.

You can customize your deck by choosing your own colours, and we are currently providing you with six possible options that will make sure you will have exactly the terrace you have in mind. If there is any need of railing, we can install balustrades that are made of tempered glass & wood composite.

If there is such need, we also do install metal stairs and we can also make sure to add one of the most important finishing touches to your terrace – the lighting. We can make your deck look warm and inviting with LED bulbs that will be positioned in a way that is both practical and cosy. All that you will be left with to do is invite your loved ones and enjoy your newly furnished garden!

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